by SexuaLobster

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This is a collection of tracks that I've made music videos for since 2013.


released September 6, 2016




SexuaLobster Australia

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Track Name: Passion of the Manwhore
My love for you is wider than the widest river of yoghurt
My bleeding heart is an open wound, I invite you to probe it

My tears of lust shine like the sun, my love knows no eclipse
I will love you with the frenzy of one thousand chimps

My passion is strong, strong just like my schlong
Your safest option is to play along
Keep your arms inside this train
Our destination is pleasure and pain

Your scent hits me like mustard gas
I‘ll cut your name upon my ass
Your luscious curves make my blood fizz
The sight of you makes my heart jizz

Such is my love for you that I lay a puppy on your pillow
And then I sprinkle it with chocolate

Ducks float buoyantly on a pond of my desire
Refracted in a labrynth of my pain

Woah woah woah woah woah woah woah

Woah woah woah woah

Woah woah woah woah woah

Woah woah woah woah woah woah

Woah woah woah woah woah woah woah
Track Name: Vertical Seafood Taco
They say it’s from Monaco
A special kind of taco
Made up of creatures from the sea
You might think it smells fishy
And looks unpleasantly squishy
But it tastes all right to me
Its eaten raw not fried, and turned upon its side
Vertical seafood taco

Hey there…it’s me.
…No, not him. It’s Fernando, remember?
Mmmm, now you’ve got it.
Pass the salt.

Woah x 100
Track Name: The Girl on TV
Im in love with a girl on tv
She sparkles like an angel
She smiles just for me

And though women try to tempt me
They need to understand that im a taken man

My heart belongs to another

I tracked her down and i went to her home
I climbed up to her window, and i found her alone
She was covered in the entrails of a sheep which she'd sacrificed to the snake god Glycon, to wake him from his sleep

Hooooly shit a new reign of terror has descended upon the earth

All hail Glycon the all powerful
Track Name: Calloused Hands
I can't find where to buy lotion, for my calloused hands,
To get the seamless cream-filled touch, that my passion demands,
I've searched far and wide across these crusty lands,
I've tried drug, super, furniture and pet stores, they don't stock my brand.

Cracked and dry, gods please hear my cry make me moist or I may die.
Can't wait for long. With calloused hands I cannot stand to touch my dong.

I want to glide like a penguin, pulling it like a tendon,
Within my hands I hold pure pleasure; I rub it extra for good measure,
A seamless piston motion,
Briny as the saltiest deep.
Track Name: Final Form
Anime made me the man I am today,
I havent seen the sun in 3 years, my skin has turned grey,
I will not conform, my life-size pillow-wife keeps me warm,
Some day I'll leave this ruined body and achieve my final form.

I will confront the social norms,
In glorious battle through a hormone fueled storm.
The ultimate burglar, stealing panties (that are) only slightly worn,
Until then I dwell here instead, watching tentacle porn.
Track Name: My Mother-in-Law is a Scorpion
One fine day,
I answered the phone
It was my girlfriend inviting
Me to her home

I met her father
He cooked us a meal
It was a pleasant evening
But i began to feel

A presence, a shadow
Eyes on my neck
Her father looked nervous
I began to suspect

A secret, a lie
Someone was missing
When no one was talking
I heard a strange hissing

I felt deep down that
Something was not right
I made my excuses
I said good night

One year later
At our wedding reception
I finally uncovered
The horrible deception

My mother in law is a scorpion
My uncle fainted, my guests all fled
Woah woah
My mother in law is a scorpion
My brother is crying, the priest is dead
Woah woah

Family dinners are not fun
When you're terrified of getting stung

My mother in law is a scorpion
Did you know that scorpions don't lay eggs?
Woah woah
My mother in law is a scorpion
I said she was fat, she paralysed me legs
Woah woah
Track Name: Tobey Maguire
I keep on having this reoccurring dream, where Toby Maguire watches me eat cream.
Tobey asks me, can he have the rest. Then he proceeds to pour it on his chest
Atop the tallest building of a cityscape scene, suspended from a construction beam
He stares into my soul, watching me as I lick the bowl
Now he's naked in my grandma's bath, i start to cry, but he just laughs
Gazing hungrily into my eyes, he removes the hair from his inner thighs.
I wake from my dream, I'm aroused and sweaty, I head for the fridge to get a big bowl ready as I
♪As I lick and work the spoon, I feel a presence in the room.♪
Hi Tobey
Hi, can i have some of that cream?
Sure, here you go
Thanks a lot!
Any time, Tobey.